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Rapid Treatment Unit (RTU)

The Rapid Treatment Unit (RTU), is a 20-bed short stay/observation unit for pediatric patients in need of either acute care or scheduled procedures that could be provided within a 24-hour time frame.

Service provided by Primary Children's Hospital. Physicians are faculty in the University of Utah School of Medicine or in private practice.

Within the RTU is an anesthesia area where, Monday – Friday, pediatric anesthesiologists and RNs provide anesthesia and post-op recovery care for patients undergoing a variety of same-day surgical procedures.
The RTU cares for approxiametly 7000 patients annually.  Conditions that are commonly managed in the RTU include a variety of acute illness (dehydration, bronchiolitis, cellulitis, asthma, croup, hyperbilirubinemia), as well as scheduled procedures (same-day surgical procedures in the anesthesia area, as well as infusions, bowel clean outs, post-sedation monitoring, overnight video EEGs, sedated ABRs and EEGs, sedated PICC line placements, endocrine stimulation testing, 23-hour pH probes, and propranolol initiation for infantile hemangiomas).
The RTU is staffed by dedicated RNs, medical technicians, and board certified pediatricians and pediatric emergency medicine subspecialists, with the goal of providing patient and family-centered care in a safe, efficient, and caring fashion.


(801) 662-1300

Medical and Nursing Providers

David Sandweiss, MD, Medical Director   
Amy Pasmann RN, MSN, Nursing Director
Amelia Back RN, BSN, Nurse Manager
Rhonda Carter RN, BSN, Nurse Manager

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