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Sleep Disorders Center

The sleep medicine program at Primary Children’s includes two physicians trained in the identification and treatment of sleep disorders, as well as a behavioral sleep psychologist who can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral sleep disorders. Individual sleep medicine physicians have additional training in pediatric respiratory disorders or psychiatry. Nurses, respiratory and child life therapists as well as sleep laboratory technicians are also part of the program. In order to provide the most comprehensive evaluation of your child’s sleep disturbance we strongly recommend a referral from your pediatrician and require an initial online or telephone intake. This enables us to understand your chief concern and have you consult with the team members that have the best skills to assist you.

Services provided under the direction of Primary Children's Hospital and the University of Utah School of Medicine. Physicians are faculty of the University of Utah School of Medicine.

What can I expect from a sleep specialist consultation?

The visit will include a detailed interview by a sleep specialist understanding your child’s symptoms, daily routines and sleep schedule. We will also require information regarding any other health conditions your child has as well as medications he/she is on (please bring a list of all medications, dosage and timing of administration). It is not unusual for multiple factors playing a role in an individual child’s sleep disturbance. Your child may or may not be recommended an overnight sleep study depending on his/her sleep complaint. A sleep study may not be possible on the same night as your clinic visit. You may also be referred to our behavioral sleep specialist who plays a key role in the evaluation and management of childhood sleep disorders. If your child does not have a sleep disorder, we will refer you back to your primary care physician for further treatment.

If your child is already on a sleep apnea machine, we require you to bring all of your home equipment to each sleep clinic visit for analysis. You may also meet with our child life therapist, nurses or respiratory therapist to review appropriate use and correct maintenance of sleep apnea therapy.

How long will the evaluation take?

The clinic evaluation usually is at least an hour long. You may encounter physicians in training (fellows are physicians who are training to become sleep specialists) who may perform the initial interview. You will also be seen by the sleep specialist. Nursing or Respiratory therapist evaluations may occur before or after the physician evaluation. Behavioral therapist evaluations are usually separate. However, we may schedule you to see both the sleep medicine specialist and behavioral sleep specialist on the same day, depending on the information we receive at the time of initial intake. It may take up to 2 hours to complete the visit, so please plan your day accordingly.

What are some common sleep complaints evaluated in the sleep clinic?

A sleep medicine specialist evaluation may be considered for difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, restless sleep, daytime sleepiness or breathing difficulties during sleep. Breathing difficulties typically include snoring, working hard to breathe, “holding one’s breath” or respiratory pauses during sleep. Unusual sleep wake schedules or unusual sleep related behaviors may also be symptoms of underlying sleep disorders. If you are concerned about any of the above symptoms in your child, ask your primary care physician if your child will benefit from consultation with a sleep specialist.

How do I schedule a sleep evaluation for my child?

  1. To schedule a sleep clinic appointment please call 801-213-3599.

    A tentative appointment is made pending completion of the initial clinic intake. This is an essential step so that we can ensure your child sees the providers who can best assist you. Your appointment is confirmed only after the intake has been completed. If you do not receive an intake phone call and confirmation of your appointment within 5 business days, please call 801-662-1781.
  3. To schedule a polysomnogram (sleep study) please call 801-662-1788.

Other contact information:

  1. To speak to the sleep clinic nurse please call 801-662-3776.
  2. To obtain sleep study results please call your primary care physician or the physician who ordered the test. If the test was ordered by one of our sleep specialist, please call the sleep clinic nurse on 801-662-3776.
  3. If you are a physician trying to reach one of our physicians, please call 801-662-1781.
  4. For inpatient sleep studies please contact 801-662-1781.
  5. To speak to our Respiratory Therapist please call 801-662-1782.

Medical Providers

Ameet Daftary, MD
Ubaid Zafar, MD
Hillery Byrd, RPSGT
Kimberlee Roy, PhD

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