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Blair Kent, Administrator of Riverton Hospital

Riverton Hospital will serve anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay — here’s a summary of our charity care policy and practices

Riverton Hospital is committed to providing top-notch medical care in a state-of-the-art campus that is close to home and convenient for the residents of the southwestern part of the Salt Lake Valley. The hospital also pledges to treat everyone who needs care — regardless of their ability to pay.

It’s hard to heal when you’re worried about how you’ll pay the bills. The people in our community can rest assured that whatever their means or health concerns, we’ll work with them to be sure they get the treatment they need.

As a nonprofit organization, we can provide assistance in a number of ways. The hospital does that by having trained, compassionate employees whose jobs focus on helping people understand what resources they have and what their options are if they can’t afford care.

For some patients, the solution may be what we, at Riverton Hospital, call charity care — free care provided to those who can pay only partially or not at all.

In 2010, Intermountain Healthcare, the parent organization of Riverton Hospital and 22 other hospitals in Utah and southeastern Idaho, provided charity care worth more than $163 million. That contribution meant nearly 268,000 patients and their families were able to focus on getting well, not on mounting medical bills.

Last year Intermountain provided an average of more than $448,000 worth of charity care every single day. The only way we can continue to provide that amount of charity care is if those who are able to pay, do pay their fair share. We’ll work hard with all our patients to make obtaining care as stress-free as possible.

Charity care is only one of the community benefits Intermountain Healthcare provides. Other benefits include support of medical education for physicians, nurses, and other clinical professionals, sponsorship of community healthcare programs, medical research, and donations of medical equipment and supplies. In 2010, Intermountain's total benefit to the community amounted to over $600 million.

Riverton Hospital and Intermountain Healthcare are proud to be active community partners. It’s part of our mission to be involved in the communities where we practice medicine. If there are topics you’d like to know more about or questions you have about things I’ve talked about, feel free to contact me.


Blair Kent, CEO, Riverton Hospital

Blair Kent
Riverton Hospital
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