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Radiology (Imaging)
Riverton Hospital
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Our imaging department (radiology) offers a wide range of advanced diagnostic equipment to help us see what’s happening inside our patients — so that you can be diagnosed and treated quickly and accurately. We can find a tumor in the brain, reveal a spot on an organ, or discover any number of abnormalities without even scratching your skin. 

Our Imaging Department is staffed by board-certified radiologists, who interpret images with skill, as well as registered and licensed radiology technologists.

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Not only do we have the latest imaging technology, but we can detect problems faster than ever before. For Example: After the onset of a stroke, two million brain cells can die in just a minute. Technologies such as our multi-slice CT scanner and brain perfusion color flow mapping, can help the physician quickly assess the location and extent of damage caused by stroke within minutes. Every minute we save could mean the difference between permanent brain damage and full recovery. 

The bottom line is, we’re using the latest technology to care for you effectively and efficiently to ensure your safety. We also commit to doing all we can to make it enjoyable for you to be here. Those are important priorities to us.

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