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TOSH - The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital
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The Athletes’ Kitchen at TOSH

At TOSH, we feel that it is important to extend nutrition beyond lectures and recommendations. Food – its look, feel, texture, and taste – plays an integral role in dietary choices.

During kitchen-based workshops, participants have the opportunity to put the recommendations into practice by tasting examples of healthy snacks, pre-training meals, or simple-to-prepare nutrient-dense lunches and dinners.

Nutrition workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of specific athletes/groups. Coaches, parents, or individuals are encouraged to set up private clinics to address the needs of specific groups.

Contact us to schedule a private clinic at​ or (801) 314-4038.

Monthly Youth Workshops

Monthly youth workshops take place in the Athletes' Kitchen at TOSH and rotate through a series of topics including:

  • Cooking 101 for Athletes
  • Better School Lunches
  • Hydration
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Making Travel & Snack Packs
  • What's in the Pre-Game Meal?

Additional topics will be added upon request, and privately arranged clinics will address specific team/group concerns.

Adult Workshops

Adult workshops can focus on a variety of seasonally-appropriate topics and have included:

  • Incorporating Vegetable Protein
  • Seasonal Eating for Athletes
  • Eating for Endurance Training
  • Meal Planning for Athletes

Nutrition @ Noon Workshops

Nutrition @ Noon is a monthly nutrition education program that encourages Intermountain Employees to think about their approach to food.

Through a series of monthly lunch lectures, participants have the opportunity to taste various foods, discuss preparation techniques, and gain information on a variety of nutrition topics.

Among others, past topics have included:

  • Mindful Eating
  • Understanding Carbohydrate
  • Incorporating Protein and Managing Fat
  • Nutrition for Bone Health
  • Diet and Cholesterol
  • Sugar
  • Fad Diet Myths

Lunch is $5.00 and participants gain access to an intranet site of archived topic handouts as well as recipes.

Currently these classes are only open to Intermountain employees. If you are a member of the community interested in these topics and this type of education, please email us at​. With enough demand, such classes may become available to the greater community. ​​

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