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Our baseball and softball programs are designed to help
athletes of all ages and abilities develop athleticism and achieve the highest level of performance in all aspects of the game. No matter which part of your game needs work, TOSH Baseball and TOSH Softball can help you improve your skills. The cost is much less than you'd spend on a sports camp or personal trainer.

Our baseball program objectives

We want each of our athletes to gain scientific understanding of how to improve their game. Our purpose is to go beyond coaching and teach safer, quicker, and more powerful ways
of playing the game.

We utilize unique technology and patented equipment that you can’t find anywhere else in Utah.

Whether hitting, throwing, fielding, speed, or agility need improvement, the following training options will help you get the most out of your baseball skills and help you move to the next level.

Sports performance training

The TOSH Sports Training program is custom-tailored for each individual baseball player. We employ proven training techniques to deliver results.

Power hitting

We analyze your form and follow-through scientifically. Then we use the newest technology and equipment to train vision, balance, power and consistent motor mechanics.

Throwing & pitching

Our focus is two fold:
  1. Prevention of throwing injuries through instruction of proper and consistent mechanics.
  2. Improving strength, power, and velocity utilizing patented technologies & optical training.


No matter what position you play, we will teach you optimal footwork, body position, timing, and situational aptitude.

A look at what we're talking about

This video gives a glimpse of what training is like in our Baseball and Softball program.

How to get started

Whether you need a pre-season program or an in-season adjustment, our expert staff is ready to help. You can start with these sessions:
  1. A video analysis to assess your current dynamic skill. This session includes proper warm up drills and homework for improvement.
    Price: $60
  2. 1 hour follow-up sessions to teach everything from proper form to repetitive consistency and vision training.
    Price: $50 (discounts available)

To sign up or learn more about these and other training opportunities, call us at (801) 314-2996.

Rocky Mountain School of Baseball

TOSH is proud to be the official sports medicine and sports training provider for the Rocky Mountain School of Baseball, Utah’s premier competitive baseball league with over 400 teams throughout the state.

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