Activities, recreation and entertainment play an important part in the residency experience. We recognize team-building efforts enhance our workplace and value the balance between education, work, family and recreation. Some of our previous residency activities have included the following:

Monthly VIP Activities

VIPs are the spouses or significant others of our residents. The activities can be with or without children. Residents' families hold monthly activities in the many recreational sites around Utah County.

Residency Activities

We hold activities that residents, faculty and their families are invited to attend. During the summer, we have barbeques and games; and during the winter, we have parties and movie nights. Everyone enjoys getting to know each other and building friendships.


Every year our clinic hosts a Halloween party for all of our clinic patients and clinic employee families. The hospital also has various activities for Halloween.

Spring Resident Retreat

Every March, we have a resident and faculty retreat. Residents and faculty stay in a cabin where we have business meetings, multiple activities like laser tag, X-box and basketball and, of course, our annual foosball tournament. At these retreats, we review financial statistics and prizes are awarded to residents with the best coding practices. We end our retreat with a renewed attitude and positive outlook on the future.

Fall Resident Retreat

Every fall, we take our families and get away for a weekend retreat somewhere exciting. We have lots of recreation time with our families and several business meetings for the partners. Recently, we have gone to Moab, Park City and Zion's National Park. In addition, we have financial reviews, practice management evaluations, and state-of-the-residency updates. We also have three types of partners' meetings: residents only, faculty only, and combined partners' meetings. Our inpatient services in the hospital are covered so all residents are available for the retreat. 

New Resident Orientation

During orientation week we take a break from our computer and clinic training to enjoy a day of team building. Every year we go to a ropes course to enjoy zip lines and rock climbing walls. We learn to rely on each other and prepare for the year ahead.

Halloween Activity

Halloween Activity

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