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What is it? Snoring is a sound caused by air moving through the upper airway generating a vibration due to a partial airway blockage. Snoring affects approximately 45 percent of the adult population and may be an indicator of a serious breathing problem during sleep. The likelihood of snoring may increase with the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Snoring can be loud enough to not only disturb the sleep of someone else, but to wake you up, as well.


The treatment for snoring depends on the cause. Talk to your doctor or a sleep physician for help understanding what causes your snore and how it can be treated. Treatment could be as simple as taking a decongestant to allow air to pass through your nose or a complex as surgery, a dental appliance or the use of a CPAP machine.

Other things that can help include learning to sleep in a different position, losing weight, or avoiding alcohol, tobacco or other drugs or medications. The sleep professionals at the Utah Valley Regional Sleep Center can help you (and your bed partner) get a quiet night’s sleep once again. 
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