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Utah Valley Sleep Center
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
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Sleep Services

The Utah Valley Regional Sleep Center offers patients four private and comfortable sleep rooms equipped with the latest testing system for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The lab is operated by certified sleep technicians who use specific testing procedures to make sure each patient is properly diagnosed and treated. Diagnosis of sleep disorders can be done both in our facility and through the use of portable monitoring devices. Sleep tests can be performed during both the day and the night. The Sleep Center offers as many as 10 different sleep studies and tests.

Sleep Disorders and Treatments

Sleep disorders cause more problems than simply extra yawns and crankiness. Problems with sleep can cause or make worse numerous other health problems, including issues with the heart, breathing, and brain. Two of the most common sleep disorders — snoring and sleep apnea — are related to diabetes, hypertension, and risk of stroke. Sleep deprivation is also associated with impaired performance, judgment, reasoning, and reaction time.

Other sleep disorders include sleepwalking, periodic limb movements, nightmares and sleep terrors, shift work and jet lag.

For more information about these and dozens more sleep disorders, visit this informational site provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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