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The Utah Valley Regional Sleep Center offers a number of sleep studies and tests. Each test is for the treatment of various disorders and is performed by registered sleep technicians and overseen by our board-certified sleep specialist physicians.

Diagnostic Overnight Sleep Study / Polysomnography (PSG)

This study monitors of the amount and level of sleep through analysis of eye movement, brain waves, and a variety of body functions during sleep. This includes monitoring breathing patterns, heart rhythms, blood oxygen levels, and limb movements.

Portable Home Monitoring Sleep Study

Portable home monitoring is less expensive and quicker to deploy than in-laboratory overnight sleep studies and is used as an alternative diagnostic test. Patients must be seen by a sleep specialist before participating in portable home monitoring studies, which can be used with carefully selected patients.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Sleep Study / Titration Sleep Study

CPAP treatment involves the delivery of air into the airway through a mask to normalize breathing and oxygen levels. A titration study allows us to find the best pressure for your continued treatment at home.

Therapeutic Bi-level Titration

Bi-level titration provides two different pressures — a higher one during inhalation (IPAP) and a lower pressure during exhalation (EPAP) — delivered to the airway through a mask.

Split-night Polysomnography (PSG) with CPAP Titration

Split-night PSG is conducted when moderate or severe sleep apnea is discovered or strongly suspected. The first 3-4 hour period of the night is diagnostic, and certain levels of sleep time and apnea must be met before the patient can be switched to the therapeutic study. The second half of the night (the therapeutic portion) is used to determine the necessary CPAP pressure required to alleviate apnea. This test does not always get a patient to the best CPAP level, so a follow-up titration study may be required.

Auto SV - Complex Central Sleep Apnea Titration

Treatment for Complex Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea, and Periodic Breathing with PAP therapy.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

This is a diagnostic test performed during the daytime and measures the degree of daytime sleepiness. An MSLT is used to diagnose narcolepsy and measures how quickly the patient falls asleep in quiet situations during the day, monitors how often and how quickly REM sleep occurs, and is usually performed following an overnight diagnostic PSG.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT)

The MWT measures a patient's ability to stay awake and helps determine if a person is abnormally sleepy during the day. This is a standardized test frequently used for employment reasons  to justify the level of alertness/wakefulness, particularly for commercial drivers and pilots.


This test is to address patient frustrations and anxieties about Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy and improve therapy compliance. PAP naps include some of the monitoring elements of overnight studies are performed during the daytime.

Sleep Apnea Screen

To identify patients at risk for sleep-disordered breathing, a simple, cost-effective home sleep screening tool has been designed. This portable device uses a nasal cannula and pressure transducer to measure apnea or hypopnea, airflow limitation, and snoring. This device is used at home after being checked out by the patient. An overnight sleep study may be required even if this test is normal because the screening tool does not test positive in all patients with sleep apnea.

WorkMed Sleep Evaluations

These procedures focus on employment-related and industrial care, and can include parts of the other tests described above.

Mask Fitting and CPAP clinic

Utah Valley Regional Sleep Center patients with obstructive sleep apnea who use a CPAP mask and machine can use this service for help with finding the best-fitting CPAP mask. Each patient who has a CPAP titration study at the Sleep Center is entitled to one free mask fitting session.

Please contact your physician or the Utah Valley Regional Sleep Center with questions about these studies and any other sleep-related medical questions.

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