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Utah Valley Sleep Center
Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
1034 North 500 West
Provo, UT 84604

(801) 357-7771
  • You will be asked to register when you arrive, and then will be admitted as a Sleep Center patient.
  • You will meet the sleep technician, once admitted, who will explain the study to you and give you the opportunity to ask questions.
  • You will then privately get ready for bed and change into your sleepwear, following your usual routine.
  • Next, the sleep technician will connect various sensors to your body:
    • Sticky patches (sensors) on your scalp, upper chest, face, and legs. These will record your movementsbrain activity, and heart activity.
    • To measure your breathing, sensors will be placed by your nose.
    • To measure the effort it takes to breathe, straps will be placed around your chest and abdomen.
    • Your blood oxygen will be recorded by a finger clip.
The wires will be bundled and sensors are attached securely so you can sleep in any position and even turn over as you sleep. The technician will help you try on a CPAP mask, if you need to test CPAP therapy during the night. Trying on a CPAP mask helps avoid complications when you prepare to sleep using the mask later on.
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