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Recovering from an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury takes time, patience and specialized training to get back in action in good form and in good time. Equally important to rebuilding muscles, flexibility and technique is learning how to properly take care of the repaired ligament to minimize risk for future injury.

Our ACL Bridge Program is designed to help a recovering athlete return to play following an ACL surgery. Our program starts 12 to 16 weeks post op, following training with a physical therapist. This program takes the skills learned with the physical therapist and enhances them with sports-specific training.

This training is intense and rigorous, but it helps an athlete get back into shape and form faster. Participants in the ACL Bridge Program do everything that full-strength athletes do, but the training drawn back a little.

Part of the program includes backward running, which helps in motor control and produces strength gains. It also functionally trains a muscle at sport-specific velocities and movements.

We also do agility & multi-directional movements. These are designed to improve body awareness, proper biomechanics and neuromuscular pathways for enhanced on-field performance.
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