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Sports Performance Training
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As important as it may be to leave it all on the field/court/pool, it’s even more important to be safe while competing. Our trainers work with athletes to develop habits and techniques that will optimize strength, agility and power. These skills help athletes avoid easily preventable injuries.

Strength Training

When muscles are properly exercised, stretched and built, they are less prone to injury while being used during an athletic event. Our trainers provide strength-building exercises that focus on the core and targeted muscle areas.

Proper Technique

One of the fastest ways to get injured is to incorrectly do an activity. Learning proper technique and making adjustments to form can go a long ways in helping prevent injuries.

Sports-Specific Training

Each sport has inherent risks and possibilities for injuries. Our trainers are experienced in a wide variety of sports to provide sports-specific advice on training, technique and form.
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