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Facebook site is quickly growing as a resource on pregnancy and pediatrics


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Physicians and clinical experts with Intermountain Healthcare's Women and Newborns program are answering scores of questions from future moms and new moms on its Facebook page, Intermountain Moms:

  • "Can I dye my hair when I'm pregnant?"
  • "Is it normal if I have not felt fetal movement at 17 weeks?"
  • "How can I prevent my milk production from slowing as my son starts to eat more baby food?"
The site includes a growing library of videos of doctors, specialists, and Intermountain's Nurse Dani responding to submitted questions. An expecting mother with young children herself, Nurse Dani weekly answers questions submitted or posts video responses to the site. With more than 5,000 likes the site is adding clinicians who focus on pediatric care.

Built to connect mothers and families, Intermountain Moms is an open forum for questions and answers about pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as early pediatric care. In addition to clinicians from Intermountain, other moms on the site can share their experiences and answers to others seeking information. In fact, participants are making connections with others experience similar circumstances, whether their babies are in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit or if they are trying to decide to have an epidural during labor.

Under the Facebook profile picture for Intermountain Moms, participants will find links for several resources including the following:

The site is expanding by adding more topics related to pediatric care as many participants are seeking answers and discussing child care. Physicians and other experts have been eager to participate knowing it is a quick way to share insights and valuable health information with many women and moms who are active users of social media sites.

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