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Leaders from health systems around the world will converge at Utah seminar to learn about what Intermountain is doing to improve healthcare quality while driving costs down


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On March 31 and April 1, leaders from healthcare systems around the world will converge in Utah to learn about what Intermountain Healthcare is doing to improve healthcare quality while driving costs down. Thirty of Intermountain's top leaders — including Brent James, MD, chief quality officer, Charles Sorenson, MD, president and CEO, Marc Probst, chief information officer, and Greg Poulsen, senior VP — will discuss the healthcare system's clinical programs, best practice protocols, clinical integration and other initiatives and programs.

Industry experts have frequently cited Intermountain Healthcare as an example of how to produce exceptional clinical outcomes while keeping costs low. President Obama said Intermountain is one of the, "islands of excellence that we need to make the standard in our health care system." (President Barack Obama, Speech to American Medical Association, Chicago 15 Jun 2009). Newt Gingrich said that at Intermountain, "best practices are incorporated into the clinical process, resulting in far better quality care at a cost that is one-third less than the national average." (Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, and Billy Beane, "How to Take American Health Care from Worst to First," The New York Times 24 Oct 2008).

"We've received many questions over the years from healthcare leaders about how we do things at Intermountain — what's worked and what hasn't," said Charles Sorenson, MD, Intermountain's president and CEO. "This seminar is designed to explain the Intermountain approach to healthcare delivery. We'll focus on many case studies from our organization, and hope to have open discussion with our colleagues from around the nation and the world."

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