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LiVe Well Vending Machine

The LiVe Well Vending Machine won't take money, and it won't dispense any snacks, but it may change how the kids in your school think about eating junk food! Rather than dispense junk food, this vending machine delivers funny messages with a twist on the idea that most of these products are not healthy.

Check it out!

Bring the vending machine with attitude to your school for free!

To encourage kids to give more thought about what they eat, we present the traveling LiVe Well Vending Machine. As part of Intermountain's public service efforts to educate kids about making healthier choices, we bring the LiVe Well Vending Machine to schools around the state, free of charge.

Contact us if you are interested in bringin the LiVe Well Vending Machine to your school!)

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