There are many ways that the Invention Management Office can help companies or institutions work with Intermountain Healthcare to create strategic alliances and increase business development. Please contact us at if you are interested in pursuing any of these types of collaborations.

Licensing Opportunities

Intermountain Healthcare has several available technologies, intellectual property, and expertise that others can leverage to identify, research, analyze, and bring new businesses and new products to market.

Research Collaborations 

Researchers at Intermountain Healthcare, along with their colleagues at other organizations, have been involved in thousands of studies in dozens of clinical specialties. Currently, Intermountain Healthcare is involved in more than 1,200 research studies. Innovative partnerships and collaborations with industry and research institutions are welcome. 

Materials and Data 

Intermountain Healthcare supports ongoing research activities, research collaborations and activities associated with developing diagnostics and therapies by retaining a diverse range of biological samples and data. These resources are collected and maintained with appropriate ethical and regulatory oversight. Access to these resources may be provided with appropriate approvals.

Clinical Trials

The Office of Research at Intermountain can help manage the clinical trial process at Intermountain. 

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