The Invention Management Office provides all of its services, including the services described below, at no cost to Intermountain Healthcare's inventors. Inventors are also encouraged to view the For Inventors at Intermountain section. 

Patent Preparation

The Invention Management Office can engage an approved patent law firm to prosecute a patent application in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as the associated foreign offices if foreign protection is available. In about one to two years a written notice will be received as to whether the application and its claims have been accepted in the form as filed. If the application is rejected then the patent firm must file a written response, usually within three to six months. This general procedure is referred to as patent prosecution and can last many years. Often it takes at least two responses by a patent attorney, sometimes more, before a patent application is resolved.

Engineering Designs

The Invention Management Office can engage approved vendors to design engineering grade specifications, sketches, and reports for an invention. This process adds significant research and answers many questions. Alternative solutions can be analyzed to see if they are physically possible and economically practical. Details of the solution can be used for further presentation, reporting, and marketing.


A prototype, or model, of an invention can also be built as part of the commercialization process to allow engineers and designers the ability to explore design alternatives, test theories, and confirm performance.

Finding Commercial Partners

The Invention Management Office provides marketing efforts like the following that have led to commercialization success:
• Targeting the most promising aspects of innovations
• Understanding market segments that could be impacted by a technology
• Assessing benefits of inventions that may include clinical and efficiency savings as well as cost reductions
• Finding market application niches that are not intuitively obvious and revealed only by studying specific market needs
• Establishing new inventor-company relationships

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