The Invention Management Office was established to convert the ideas of our physicians and employees into healthcare products and services that are consistent with Intermountain’s mission. We help to commercialize these new products and services in order to benefit the community. 

Overall Benefits of Working with Invention Management

  • Ensures that Intermountain research results are used to benefit patients and the general public
  • Encourages and promotes innovations at Intermountain
  • Rewards and supports physicians, investigators and employees
  • Strengthens relationships with industry and enhances opportunities for research collaborations 

Contact Information

Invention Management Office
LDS Hospital
8th Avenue and C Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84143

Map & Directions 


(801) 408-3180 phone
(801) 408-8372 fax


Michael S. Mayer 
(801) 408-1095             

Ahsen A. Khan
(801) 408-5360           

Pamela Starley
(801) 408-3180


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