Our office's goal is to help physicians, investigators, and employees at Intermountain with the evaluation, protection, and licensing of inventions that are generated at Intermountain. Below is a general overview about our process  for managing new inventions.  

1. The Invention  2. Invention Disclosure  3. Our Assessment  4. Intellectual Property Protection  5. Marketing Campaign   6. Partnership  7. Royalty Income

1. The Invention

Based on your experience at Intermountain, you may come up with a solution to a healthcare problem.  Examples of a solution might include creating new software, an improvement to medical equipment, or discovery of a novel gene to diagnose a disease.  Protecting and turning that invention into a commercial reality takes a lot of effort for which our office has many years of experience. There are several available resources to help move the invention along.

2. Invention Disclosure by Inventor

When you come up with a new invention, you should contact us. We will request that you complete an Invention Disclosure Form  and send it to our office.

3. Our Assessment

We will review and provide feedback after a preliminary analysis of the Invention Disclosure Form. 

4. Intellectual Property Protection

If the invention merits further commercialization, taking certain steps to protect an invention or discovery can be the best way to realize its potential value.  More information on intellectual property protection is available at Intellectual Property. 

5. Marketing Campaign

The Invention Management Office identifies, evaluates, and contacts potential partners that may have an interest in licensing the invention or discovery.

6. Partnership

When a good partner is found, we will negotiate and finalize a license agreement that formally grants to the partner the rights to practice, develop, and commercialize the invention.  License agreements are discussed further in Policies and Agreements

7. Royalty Income

To support and encourage additional research and innovation, the Invention Management Office monitors its agreements and shares income received from license agreements with inventors.

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