The Invention Management Office can help you in many ways.  The key is to involve our office early and often. Intellectual property protections can be compromised if an idea becomes disclosed to the public.  If any of the following apply to you, please contact us at  

  • You think you have a new invention or work of authorship which improves healthcare that may be of interest to other healthcare organizations or commercial companies.  The Invention Management Office has an Invention Disclosure Form and a commercialization process to partner with outside companies to develop your ideas.  Examples of an idea worth discussing could be a novel improvement to a medical device, a new biomarker, a software or a clinical decision tool, a new formulation for delivery of medications, or an improved method to diagnose or treat medical conditions. See Commercialization Process.
  • You are preparing a publication or presentation and think it discloses a new idea or invention. See FAQs on Protecting Research Ideas.
  • You have questions about intellectual property such as patents and copyrights. The Invention Management Office deals with intellectual property matters on a daily basis and also has access to several experts and resources. See What is Intellectual Property?.
  • You want to share confidential information, proprietary samples, or data with an outside person or entity. A contract might be needed to address intellectual property concerns. See Policies and Agreements.
  • You are asked to enter into a research contract by an outside person or entity. The Invention Management Office will coordinate research contracting services with the Office of Research.
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