Dr. Homer R. Warner

Intermountain Medical Center Campus, Salt Lake City, Utah

Located on the campus of the Intermountain Medical Center campus in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Homer Warner Center for Informatics Research is a world-class research facility dedicated to the discovery and implementation of innovative information technologies for the improvement of clinical care.

The Center is named after Dr. Homer R. Warner, a pioneer in the medical informatics field who did much of his research at Intermountain LDS Hospital, also in Salt Lake City. Continuing Dr. Warner's legacy, the Center is focused on the pursuit of excellence in research, education, and collaboration in the medical informatics field.


The central goal of the Homer Warner Center is the scientific investigation of new information technologies and the systematic evaluation of those already existing. On-staff medical informaticists provide research in the applied uses of information technology. They also create solutions with innovative clinical information systems products.


A significant part of the work of the Homer Warner Center is teaching information technology in medicine and sharing expertise with others. The Center develops a group of skilled informaticists who continue to advance this field of study. It is dedicated to the mentoring and training of researchers, caregivers, hospital administrators and software engineers in best practices for creating, implementing, and evaluating information technologies in medicine.


The Homer Warner Center is involved with multiple collaborations inside and outside of Intermountain Healthcare. Collaborators include universities, research groups and healthcare-related businesses.

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