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2004-018Blood Glucose Monitoring in the ICUHawaii Pacific HealthminiATPBonnie Castonguay808-535-7649Melinda Ashton808-535-7485
2004-020Resolving Member Complaints and Quality of Care IssuesBX/BS of New MexicominiATPBruce Mann505-816-2236Peggy Mahoric505-816-2233
2004-021Diabetes ManagementDean Health SystemminiATPJack Bowhan608-250-1568Paul Reber608-252-8000
2004-022Decreasing the Failed Appointment Rate for Flexible SigmoidoscopyHarbor-UCLA Medical CenterminiATPJames Huang310-534-5221  
2004-023Blood Pressure Control in a Diabetic PopulationHuron Valley Physician AssociationminiATPPaul Harkaway734-712-7682  
2004-027Coordinating Electrodiagnostic Studies between Neurology and Physical Medicine and RehabUniversity of Utah Medical GroupminiATPDarv Andersen801-587-6601  
2004-029The Impact of Mental Health Integration on Depression Cost Burden Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain HealthcareminiATPBrenda Reiss-Brennan801-442-3012  
2004-045Improving Asthma Care Through Consistent Documentation Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain Healthcare - Primary Children's Medical CenterminiATPGary Peterson801-588-2734  
2004-046Improving the Continuity of Maternity CareNaval Hospital Camp PendletonminiATPMichael Polizotto, MD760-725-1398  
2004-047Insuring Emergency Dept. Call Back Communication to Referring PhysicianCincinnati Children's HospitalminiATPJoseph Luria513-636-7966  
2004-048LDL Screening After Acute Coronary EventDean Health SystemminiATPAlbert Musa, MD608-260-6000Jennifer Close-Goedjen608-827-4389
2004-049Breast Cancer: Improving Data Quality for Reporting Estrogen/Progesterone Receptor Results Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain HealthcareminiATPSteven Catmull801-442-3216  
2004-050Medical Emergency Team: Failure to Rescue RespiratoryMountain States Health AllianceminiATPJulie Dunn, MD423-431-6634Judity Ingala423-431-1033
2004-052Improve the Efficiency and Service of the Emergency Room at North Side HospitalMountain States Health AllianceminiATPJohn Melton423-431-1016Kerry Vermillion423-431-1038
2004-053Improving the Completion and Faculty Co-Signature Rate of the Electronic Pre-Operative Evaluation FormUniversity of Utah Hospitals & ClinicsminiATPScott Richardson, MD801-581-4367Kevin Jones801-581-2214
2004-054Medical Records Problem ListARUP Employee Health ClinicminiATPRoland Ruegner801-583-2787  
2004-057Improving Time to Vascular Referral of Wound Patients Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain Healthcare - LDS HospitalminiATPLynn McMillan801-408-3638Laura Ogaard801-408-3638
2004-058Providing Complete Discharge Instructions to the Heart Failure PatientSpectrum HealthminiATPBethany Bonis616-391-1482Kathleen Johnston616-391-1342
2004-059Glucose Protocol Implementation in the ICU Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain HealthcareminiATPCempaka Martial801-442-3611  
2004-060Improving CHF Discharge Teaching EfficiencyMountain States Health Alliance - Indian Path Medical CenterminiATPMonty McLaurin423-288-2842Kenneth Marshall423-431-1500
2004-063Beta Blockers CHF & IHDMerle West Medical CenterATPPaul Stewart541-883-6151  
2004-067Reminder System for Chronic Patients Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain HealthcareATPSarah Dashiells801-442-5573  
2004-070Accounts Receivable Quality Improvements Please contact the author for additional information.Intermountain HealthcareATPThomas D. Burton801-442-2770  
2005-001Improving Quality of Care for Diabetes in an Outpatient SettingAustin Diagnostic ClinicATPGhassan Salman512-901-4728  
2005-002Reducing the Time to First Antibiotic Dose in Pneumonia PatientsEl Camino HospitalATPSusan Bukunt650-940-7205Christine Hunter650-940-7329
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