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Additional Programs for Intermountain Employees

The Intermountain Healthcare Institute for Healthcare Leadership offers programs specifically designed and focused for Intermountain employees. These courses are developed to teach the tools and principles of quality improvement and research in health care.

The Data & Research Series

The Data & Research Series shows how to access data and to use analytical tools for data management, analysis and research. The Intermountain Healthcare Institute for Healthcare Leadership sponsors courses to facilitate the use of data systems for Quality Improvement and Research activities.

  • Audience: data analysts, statisticians, researchers
  • Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum of 12 participants per class with some sessions having prerequisite courses.
  • Contact Erin Gordon for more information, list of courses offered, dates, and times, etc.
  • (801) 442-3718 or


The Flowcharting course shows how to use software to create flowcharts and cause & effect diagrams. Individuals interested in learning more about using software for flowcharting and cause & effect diagramming may find helpful information from the handouts below. Additionally, many of the flowcharting software includes tutorials and are generally located under the 'help' menu.

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