Intermountain Healthcare is committed to supporting and assisting clinicians and patients with medical research. We are a learning organization. We know that supporting research, improves outcomes, furthers knowledge, and advances medical discovery.

Clinical Programs

Excellent clinical care is at the heart of our mission – we’re always looking for ways to improve the healing experience for our patients. Intermountain is fully committed to clinical research, and our focus on quality improvement has helped us achieve outcomes that are among the best in the nation.

Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation

The Intermountain Research & Medical Foundation, formerly, The Deseret Foundation, promotes the highest quality of healthcare for our community by funding medical research, education, technology, equipment, facility improvements, and charitable assistance throughout the greater Salt Lake area.

Institute for Healthcare Leadership

The vision of the Institute for Healthcare Leadership is to improve quality and reduce the cost of health care services by providing technical support and education for clinical research and process management within the Intermountain Healthcare system.

Invention Management Office

The Invention Management Office (IMO) mission is to encourage commercialization of inventions or discoveries made at Intermountain that will lead to better health care products and services.
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