“Becoming a Research Subject, It’s YOUR Decision”

We provide research opportunities to our patients, with the voluntary option to participate. Supporting research furthers knowledge and advances medical discovery.

Before you are identified as a potential research participant, Intermountain Healthcare’s Office of Research reviews and approves the project.

What is Research?

  • A Research Study is done to answer a specific question.
  • Scientists do research because they don’t know for sure what works best to help you.
  • Some other words that describe research are clinical trial, protocol, survey, or experiment.

Research is not the same as treatment

Why is Research Important?

Research has led to important discoveries that make our lives better. Some examples are:

  • New drugs to treat cancer, diabetes, and other diseases
  • Ultrasound, X-ray machines, and diagnostic tests
  • Vaccines
  • Ways to stop smoking
  • Improved medical procedures

Points to Consider

  • A research study may or may not help you personally.
  • In the future, the results could help others who have a health problem.
  • Taking part in research is voluntary. Refusing to participate will in no way be detrimental to your relationship with Intermountain Healthcare or your healthcare provider.

Before you decide to be a research volunteer, get the facts:

Know what is expected of you.

  • Ask questions
  • Learn as much as you can
  • Know the pros and cons


Intermountain has Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that review and monitor all of the research conducted at Intermountain Healthcare to assure safety to our patients. IRB’s were established by the federal government in 1974 after a series of research abuses, including experiments conducted by Nazi physician’s during World War II and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study conducted in Alabama between 1931 and 1971. IRB’s are ethics committees that review research before it is conducted to ensure human subject’s rights and welfare are protected, potential risks are minimized, and there are benefits to you and/or to society in general.

Please call the IRB office at (801) 408-1991 Opt. 1 or (800) 321-2107, or e-mail at iRIS@imail.org​ if you have any questions about research in general or becoming a research volunteer.

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