Where to Get Cancer Screening Exams

Your primary care physician can advise you about cancer screens and perform most screening exams. Some screening exams, such as mammography or colonoscopy, are performed by specialists:

Screening & Early Detection

You can't prevent cancer, but you can protect your health by detecting cancer early. Cancer screening exams help ensure that any existing cancers are identified at their earliest, most treatable stages.

Most cancers are easier to treat when they are found in their earlier stages and screening tests can often detect cancer before symptoms develop. 

Cancer Prevention

Choosing a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent cancer. Here's prevention and early detection information from the American Cancer Society:

Information on prevention, genetics and causes, from the National Cancer Institute:

Classes & Events

Promoting good health and preventing disease is an important goal of Intermountain Healthcare. Each of our facilities offer a variety of health-related programs and classes.

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