Dealing with cancer can be physically and emotionally trying for patients and loved ones. We offer programs designed to help meet the needs of everyone affected and work to treat the whole person - not just the disease.

Care Coordinators

Breast cancer patients at Intermountain Healthcare are teamed up with a Care Coordinator, a nurse specially trained to help answer your questions and coordinate your care with the healthcare team, through treatment and recovery.

Intermountain Hospital Care Coordinator Phone
American Fork Cancer Center & Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Lori Heaton (801) 357-8767
Intermountain Medical Center & Alta View Hospitals Barbara Peters (801) 314-4656
Dixie Regional Medical Center Deb Christensen (435) 688-5092
LDS Hospital Gina Clay (801) 408-5256
McKay-Dee Hospital Center Suzie Kinzella (801) 387-7405


Some patients and loved ones find it helpful to join support groups, which provide a safe place to share thoughts and feelings with others who deal with similar challenges.

Women's & Breast Cancer Support Groups

The following groups offer support and information for women diagnosed with cancer or breast cancer:

  • Women's Cancer Support Group - at Logan Regional Hospital
    Contact Linda Miller, at (435) 752-9385; Lorna Wanlass, at (435) 752-5806; or
    Sally Russell, at (435) 792-3512
  • Breast Cancer Support Group - at Intermountain Medical Center
    Contact Kristie Latimer (801) 507-3805 
  • Breast Cancer Support Group - at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
    Contact ACS, at 1-800-227-2345

In addition, general support for cancer patients and their families is available through:

"I Can Cope" & Cancer Support Groups

Free support groups for cancer patients and their families, in collaboration with the American Cancer Society (ACS). These general cancer support groups are available at the following locations:

  • I Can Cope - Logan Regional Hospital.
    Contact ACS at (801) 393-8657.
  • I Can Cope - Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.
    Contact Jeri Young at (801) 373-4137.
  • Cancer Support Group - Dixie Regional Medical Center.
    Contact ACS at (435) 688-4175.

More support groups may be available in your community. For more information, contact the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345.

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