"I was going through a rather rough time and was at the end of the rope. I was able to call EAP and talk with a counselor and I am much improved and able to cope with my life and my job." — EAP client letter to CEO

What are counseling services?

Free, brief, confidential counseling is available to employees, spouses or domestic partners and dependent children (under 26 years old and single) by a staff of licensed mental health professionals.

How can counseling services help me and my family?

The EAP counselors offer counseling and resources about many personal and family problems, including:

  • marital conflict and parenting
  • depression and anxiety
  • stress (life and workplace)
  • substance abuse
  • grief and loss
  • wellness strategies

In addition to counseling, helpful resources such as support groups, books or community classes may be suggested by the counselor.

What happens at an appointment?

You or your family member will meet with a licensed, experienced counselor. Your situation will be assessed and together you will develop a plan for improvement. If the assessment indicates brief therapy, EAP counseling will continue until the problem is resolved or improved.

If your problem is not EAP appropriate because it requires a specialist or long-term counseling, you will be referred to a provider through your medical insurance or a community resource.

What does it cost to use EAP services?

There is no cost to you or your family when you use the EAP. You can use this benefit even though you are not insured through your company. Your employer provides this service to you and your family as an employee benefit.  

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