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Many Americans over the age of 65 suffer from some type of dizziness or balance problem which significantly interferes with their lives; and often leads to imbalance, falls, and significant injury.

Even when imbalance related injuries are minor they can seriously affect a person’s quality of life by leading to self-imposed activity restrictions, fear of falling, social isolation, or other unhealthy behaviors. This makes appropriate and accurate evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of dizziness and imbalance very important. Evaluation and diagnosis can lead to a management plan which will help control the effects of dizziness, decrease the risk of injury, and lead to more functional independence.

Diagnostic testing is designed to assess functions of the ear’s hearing and balance organs, parts of the central nervous system, and overall balance abilities. You have the ability to utilize three sensory systems to help you maintain balance and stability. These three systems are the inner ear, vision, and your muscles and joints (somatosensory system).

We are unique in our ability to assist those with balance issues because our staff includes trained, highly qualified, and experienced physical therapists and audiologists. The team work with patients experiencing dizziness, imbalance, and other issues in order to help you improve your symptoms and allow you to function independently on a daily basis.
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