Common Hearing Devices

Available from all major manufacturers.

CIC: The Completely-in-the-Canal hearing device is extremely small and fits deeply in the ear canal.

Canal: The Canal style is a little bigger than the CIC, providing easier handling while offering a very cosmetic solution that can be hidden in most ears.

ITE: In-the-ear styles are somewhat larger than the Canal style and can be easier to handle.

BTE: The Behind-the-Ear styles feature a comfortable, classic design and are worn with a custom-made ear mold. Directional microphones in these and other devices allow for hearing sensitivity to focus sound for improved speech intelligibility in noise.

Micro BTE: The micro or mini BTE is very popular with those having mild or high frequency hearing loss. This is a very cosmetically appealing option for those who qualify. This device is worn behind the ear with a thin tube that leads to the ear canal. Many hearing aids now have the ability to wirelessly communicate through Bluetooth technology. This allows for improved telephone communication and enjoyment of multiple forms of entertainment.


Specialty Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD): Assistive listening devices allow for people with hearing loss to be able to improve hearing the telephone, television, lectures/sermons, doorbells and other alarms. One example is the T.V. Ears device which includes a special set of headphones that wirelessly receive audio from the television and amplifies the audio so that it can be heard without disturbing others. Another example is a pocket-talker device which transmits sound from sermons or lectures to the listener wearing a special set of headphones.

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