There are certain medical procedures you want someone experienced to handle.
Anything remotely associated with your heart, for example.

When it comes to your heart, you don't want to take chances. That's why it's important to know that physicians perform more heart procedures at Intermountain Healthcare hospitals than all other Utah hospitals combined. That experience helps us understand heart conditions in all their variations. It leads to expertise in providing the most advanced treatment plans and better care options.

And as Utah's cardiac care leader, we're committed to the best in research and the most effective technology. All of which means better clinical outcomes and faster recovery for our heart patients, and a better chance of getting back to living life.


We are at the forefront of cardiac technology, advancing efforts to help our heart patients get the treatment they need, through research and new techniques that better fight heart disease. We offer one of the newest, most exciting breakthroughs in cardiac technology, a procedure called stereotaxis catheterization which uses magnets to navigate catheters through the body. And we provide cardiac magnetic imaging for very clear images of heart function at most of our larger hospitals.

Our Integrated Approach

Intermountain's Cardiovascular Clinical Program uses an integrated system approach to deliver the highest quality patient care at the lowest appropriate cost. The expertise of our affiliated physicians combined with the capabilities of our hospitals and clinics provide excellent, consistent care no matter which Intermountain facility you visit.

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