Swelling or puffiness in the body - often in the feet, ankles, or legs - can be caused by the buildup of fluid in your tissues. If the swelling is edema, pressing lightly on the swollen area for 15-20 seconds usually leaves a dimple.


Edema has many possible causes, but it can be a sign of heart failure or other heart problems. Edema can show that your heart is not working hard enough to pump the blood out of the swollen tissues. Call your healthcare provider if you have persistent swelling. The only way to treat edema is by treating the underlying condition that is causing it.

Keep the swelling down

To ease the edema, you can wear support stockings, elevate your legs when you are in bed, avoid standing for long periods, and reduce your salt intake. Your healthcare provider may also prescribe a diuretic (“water pill”) to help your body eliminate extra fluids.

Possible Conditions

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