Heart failure is a common condition affecting nearly 6 million people in the United States. People with heart failure have a heart that is either stiff and not able to adequately fill with blood or it doesn’t squeeze efficiently. With both scenarios, the result is a syndrome of shortness of breath, activity intolerance and fatigue. As a result it accounts for over 1 million hospitalizations each year and up to 15 million office visits. It is the most common discharge diagnosis for those over the age of 65.

Intermountain Healthcare has chosen to focus on heart failure care due to the large impact it has on the healthcare system and to our community.

    Intermountain's Approach to Heart Failure

    Since 2000, our experts have worked together to better understand heart failure. Evidence-based protocols, patient education tools, information systems and research have helped Intermountain provide the best care possible to patients with heart failure.

    Understanding Heart Failure

    Your treatment plan will make more sense to you if you have a good understanding of what happens when you have heart failure.

    Heart Failure Videos

    Intermountain's heart failure videos provide in-depth information on the nature of heart failure, diagnosis and treatment, management at home, patient hospitalization and much more.

    Diagnostic Tests

    Your healthcare providers will want to do tests to assess the nature and degree of your heart failure. This will help them determine a treatment plan that suits your specific condition.


    Your heart failure treatment will depend on several factors, including the cause and severity of your condition and the overall state of your health.​

    Lifestyle Management

    Managing heart failure means creating and following a regimen that reduces the strain on your weakened heart and improves your heart’s ability to do its work.

    Accepting Your Diagnosis

    A heart failure diagnosis takes some getting used to. Managing your feelings about heart failure is an important aspect of taking care of yourself.​

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