Managing heart failure means creating and following a regimen that reduces the strain on your weakened heart and improves your heart’s ability to do its work. For most people, this means following a MAWDS plan every day:


Ask your healthcare provider about Managing Heart Failure, a DVD with information and tips.

  • Medications

    Your healthcare providers can prescribe your medications, but it’s up to you to take them properly.​

  • Activity

    People with heart failure often have a lot of questions about the safety and benefits of physical activity. This section provides some basic guidelines.​

  • Weigh

    Weighing yourself daily and keeping a record will help you and your healthcare providers know if your heart failure is under control.​

  • Diet

    When you're diagnosed with heart failure, you'll need to make 3 important adjustments to your diet: limiting salt, fluid intake, and alcohol consumption.​

  • Symptoms

    It is your responsibility to recognize your heart failure symptoms and take appropriate action.

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