Justin’s Story

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For the first two years of his life, Justin was a healthy little boy. Then unpredicted and severe medical complications at 2 years-old left him without the ability to speak or move any part of his body other than his head. Determined to help Justin live his life as fully as possible, his mom Donna contacted Intermountain Homecare. Through their compassion and care, and the love and kindness of his mother, Justin is able to receive the extensive medical attention he requires, while being able to stay home with his family. With the assistance of a specialized custom wheelchair, also provided by Intermountain Homecare, he is able to attend school, just like other boys his age.

Despite his difficulties, Justin has an incredibly positive outlook, and a deep love of life. He enjoys writing stories and drawing pictures, accomplishing this with a specially designed head array on his wheelchair, and a tremendous amount of patience. His original artwork has won awards, even without the judges knowing of his condition.