Today, medical imaging provides extraordinary visibility into the human body.  As a result, imaging plays a critical role in the diagnosis and treatment of almost every area of healthcare.  This insight helps physicians provide the best care possible for the patient, and helps the patient feel confident in the care they receive.

At Intermountain Imaging, our goal is to provide our patients the highest quality care in the most comfortable manner available.  We strive to make the entire imaging experience as easy and simple for the patient as possible.

My Health:

My Health is a web portal where registered patients are provided a view of sections of their medical records, as well as the ability to communicate electronically with their physician's office.

Radiation Safety:

The safety of our patients is always our primary concern.  Managing the amount of radiation a patient receives during their imaging exam is one way we work to improve the health of our patients.

See our Radiation Dose Exposure page for more information

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Schedule and Exam:

Visit our Appointments Page for information on scheduling your imaging exam. 

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