As the region's leading imaging provider, we know that Experience Matters.  Performing over 4,500 imaging exams per day, our staff of over 1,400 employees are continuously working to provide our patients a full range of the highest quality radiology services for both adults and children.

We also understand that imaging exams can be uncomfortable.  Patients receiving imaging exams may be anxious about their condition, in pain from their ailment, and nervous about the exam itself.  At Intermountain Healthcare, we know that Comfort Matters.  From scheduling your exam, waiting in the waiting room, receiving the exam itself and obtaining the results in a timely manner, we strive to provide the most comfortable care possible.  We work to help you feel safe, welcome, and at ease.  We will treat you with respect and compassion, and keep you informed and involved throughout your imaging procedure.  With the most up-to-date technical advances and innovative treatment options available, radiologists work with our friendly staff, skilled technologists, and accomplished nurses to coordinate our imaging services with your medical treatment.  Intermountain Healthcare can provide you the information you need to know, when you need to know it.  Providing excellent care of the highest quality, in the most comfortable way possible, and at an affordable cost is at the heart of our mission.

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