Cumulative Radiation Exposure for Patients

What is the number?

In 2012, Intermountain Healthcare began compiling each patient's total radiation exposure from certain tests and treatments at Intermountain facilities.

These tests and treatments include CT scans, angiograms, nuclear medicine heart tests, and procedures in the cardiac cath lab.  (In the future, we hope to compile data from additional procedures.)

Your radiation exposure number does not include procedures at non-Intermountain facilities or any procedure done before August 2012.

How is this number useful?

Knowing your exposure number can help you and your doctor make decisions about future tests or treatments.

Sharing this number with patients and their healthcare providers is just one of many steps Intermountain takes to increase your safety with medical radiation.

How can I learn more?

Intermountain's fact sheet explains radiation, the risks and benefits, and how Intermountain increases your safety.

If you are a registered user of myHealth, see your cumulative radiation exposure.

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