manager IQS photo

Supervisors and Managers exhibit team work during one of the activities in the IQS Training. The training teaches how to identify waste and non value added processes, and focuses on how to improve processes throughout their daily work.

Intermountain Quality System (IQS)

The Intermountain Quality System (IQS) is a continuous process improvement method based on manufacturing principles first developed at Toyota Motors. IQS seeks to improve quality, value and how work is done. Using this method, the Central Lab identifies and eliminates waste and inefficiency throughout the healthcare experience, making it possible for our team to focus on providing the highest quality, safety, and creating the perfect patient experience. IQS also empowers all of our staff to have a voice and power in designing their own work environment to focus on high value patient-centric care. IQS fosters innovation on the front line, idea generation, scientific analysis and giving those who know the processes best, our frontline employees, the power to be creative — to design their own work, to have their voices heard, to experiment on outside-the-box ideas, and to test previously perceived impossible ideas and make them real.

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