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  • Services 23 hospitals of Intermountain Healthcare, 185 physician clinics, and independent physician offices and other healthcare organizations throughout the state of Utah and Idaho
  • $70 million in annual revenue
  • Test over 550,000 different people each year
  • Generate 20 million test results annually
  • Employs over 450 employees
Intermountain Healthcare’s new 40,000 square foot Central Laboratory is located on the southwest corner of the Medical Center campus at 5252 S. Intermountain Drive. The two-story facility houses all laboratory specialty services and will accommodate high volume throughput via an automated track system.  The laboratory is built to serve patients and physicians up and down the Wasatch Front. 

Benefits of the Central Laboratory include:

  • Capacity to keep up with growing volumes
  • Improved clinical outcomes and customer service
  • Extended access to updated technology and specialized testing services
  • More efficient operation yielding more competitive fee schedules and lower healthcare costs
The flow of specimens from courier drop-off to automated processing to result reporting has been engineered to produce optimal throughput, quality, and turnaround time on all specimens submitted to Intermountain Central Laboratory. The laboratory will serve as a showcase for new equipment and technologies in laboratory medicine. The laboratory features a cutting-edge automated processing system that will decap, centrifuge, and transport specimen containers to analyzers without any manual labor dependencies. Additionally, specimens are resealed and stored as part of the automation, ready for automated retrieval when an add-on test is requested.
Three pneumatic tube connections are installed between the Central Laboratory and Intermountain Medical Center.  The first is a high-speed tube system between the Main Hospital and the Central Laboratory.  This system has two tubes, one running each direction.  It boasts a 45-second transit time and can transport multiple tubes both directions simultaneously. This system is connected to the entire medical center through its tube network.  The second is a tube between the Outpatient Pavilion and Central Laboratory and also connected to the entire medical center. The third is a dedicated tube between the Emergency Department and Central Laboratory. 
Dr. Sterling Bennett, Medical Director, says, “The Central Laboratory represents a new business philosophy, a philosophy of organizing ourselves and our services to be truly competitive in the outpatient arena while maintaining our inpatient excellence.  This philosophy will assure data and services for clinical care, scale of operations to achieve efficiencies, and revenue to support Intermountain’s mission of community service.”   
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