Cytology is committed to providing quality care in detecting cancer and pre-cancerous diseases. By using state-of-the-art computer assisted screening systems, they are helping to fight the war on cancer. Pap testing uses image guided screening.  All Pap tests are screened by a computer first and areas on the slide are designated for review.  The cytotechnologists reviews those areas first for abnormalities, then performs a full slide review if atypias are detected.  The end result is that every slide is reviewed at least twice, and screening becomes more efficient since the whole slide is not reviewed.


  • 24 employees


  • Over 98,000 tests performed last year
  • Over 8,100 tests per month
  • Perform mostly Pap testing; also perform Non-Gyn cytology testing


  • 4 year degree required for cytotechnologists
  • 3-6 months training for Prep staff

Contact Information

  • Manager: TJ Smith
  • Supervisor: Jeff Niwa
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