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The Central Laboratory’s Molecular Pathology performs a wide range of Infectious Disease Testing for the Intermountain Network. They perform testing used in the diagnosis of infectious diseases as well as genetic testing. The Molecular Department has the capability and expertise to perform an impressive range of testing using the latest in molecular-based techniques, such as real-time qualitative and quantitative PCR, multianalyte fluorescent detection, signal amplification, as well as solid-phase electrochemical methods. Molecular Pathology is on the forefront of technology, assessing and implementing new platforms on an ongoing basis.


  • 22 employees
  • Provides around-the-clock service


  • 21 tests performed
  • 10,000 samples processed per month
  • PCR, DFA, and Signal Amplification methodologies performed

Contact Information:

  • Manager: Kim Sanderson
  • Supervisor: Marty Owen 
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