The Central Laboratory's Quality Assurance department ensures that our labs meet or exceed all good practice and regulatory benchmarks. They support continual improvement in every lab department and discipline, to provide world class service and results for patients and clinicians. Quality Assurance/Education Department, under the direction of the lab director and lab manager, has oversight for a comprehensive QA/QM program.  They work to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements of certifying, licensing, government and accrediting agencies. This responsibility includes development of new or revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet requirements, including strict document control of the procedures. The department does annual audits for compliance with established practices, and facilitates actions as needed to correct deficiencies when found.
The department educators/trainers have oversight for initial and ongoing training and competency assessment of all lab employees.



    • Review 660 proficiency survey reports and coordinate documentation of follow up
    • Coordinate the review/revision and approval of 320 Standard Operating Procedures/Policies
    • Completes 8 to 10 Laboratory Audits


    • Participate in preparation for and completion of CAP inspections (self inspection and agency inspections)
    • Coordinates student internships
    • Safety Coordinators for Urban Central Region


  • 8 employees
  • Training takes 6-12 months

 Contact Information:

  • Manager: Debra Zern
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