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Specimen Processing is the largest department in the Central Lab in terms of employees. They receive almost all of the samples that come into the Central Laboratory and have a fully automated specimen delivery system that continuously delivers specimens to the machines that perform the chemistry testing.

Inpatient and Automation:

receives all the samples collected on the IMED campus and they also run and maintain the automated line, averaging 1,300 samples per day.   


triages, orders and processes the work sent from other Intermountain facilities and outreach clients throughout the state. 
  • Tracks 21,000 samples per week
  • Orders 6,000 tests per week


prepares and packages testing sent to reference laboratories. 

Exception Handling:

resolves specimen issues for all Clinical departments. 


  • 68 employees
  • All areas are staffed around-the-clock except sendouts 


  • Specimen Processors are trained using the training program

Contact Information

  • Manager: Karen Brownell
  • Supervisor: Liz Duffin
  • Outreach: 801-507-2252
  • Inpatient: 801-507-2195
  • Exception Handling: 801-507-2333
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