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Phlebotomy & Specimen Processing School


The phlebotomy school started in September of 1997 when a phlebotomy supervisor realized there was a better way for training phlebotomists. From that epiphany the phlebotomy school was born. Since those early days, the phlebotomy training program has evolved into a 3 week training program that is entirely hands on and has students ready to draw patients upon graduation. The training also includes a 3 week externship to help provide more opportunities to perfect their skills. Students learn proper phlebotomy technique and important regulatory and safety procedures from a seasoned veteran of the trade. In 2005 Intermountain began a school to train students to work in Specimen Processing. This department is the key to specimens arriving labeled, received in the computer system, and delivered to the correct departments.


We have trained over a thousand individuals in these two areas. These employees move on to better things. The course has drastically affected the quality of specimens received and processed in the lab and ultimately underscores our mission to deliver extraordinary care. Other regions are trying to duplicate our efforts but no one can match the depth of experience, caring, and dedication of our teacher, Doyle Harcrow.

Leaving a Legacy

The confidence and skills garnered in these courses have propelled many of these employees to continue their education and experience including close to 100 becoming nurses, over 20 becoming trained physicians, and others have progressed to management positions. To taste a sense of the dedication Doyle has to his students, one of his favorite stories comes from his 12th class where he had to help a student overcome their fear of needles. He did that by working with the student and collecting her blood to demonstrate. The most fulfilling aspect of Doyle’s work is seeing when the light goes on in a student’s eyes and Doyle knows they finally understand. He is committed to the students’ success and, if they are willing, will find a way for them to achieve. It is not a focus on grades, but on skill.

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