For most patients, convenience of care is a top priority.  With dozens of patient access points and a patient portal that is now available to all patients irrespective of insurance carrier or physician, Intermountain Laboratory Service is in big demand.  What's more, Intermountain's optimal delivery and value of care is turning heads across the globe.  Intermountain continues to innovate and provide both static and mobile means for enhancing in-bound electronic lab orders to our facilities and outbound electronic delivery of lab results to both physicians and patients.

Watch the following video to see how physicians and patients benefit from the wide array of quality testing performed at Intermountain's Central Laboratory. 

    Electronic Lab Reporting Tools

    Learn about how participating providers benefit from accessing longitudinal patient records anytime, anyplace regardless of where their patients received service.​

    Request Member Survey Results

    Providers and patients consistently rank Intermountain one of the top labs.  See how we compare by requesting survey results.​

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