Participating providers benefit from accessing longitudinal patient records anytime, anyplace regardless of where their patients received service.

For Participating Patients 

At Intermountain Healthcare, laboratory results are a key component of the physician’s diagnosis and treatment of your member's health condition.  Physician apply our results to other procedure reports and clinical findings in the member's health record to best determine a course of action that is appropriate.  Members have the right to request a copy of their results from their provider.  Alternatively, they may also want to ask him/her to contact Intermountain Healthcare to grant them online access (My Health) to their own results. 

For Participating Providers

Now participating providers can order lab tests at Intermountain's web portal or natively in their own Electronic Medical/Health Record system (EMR/EHR). Results are transmitted back to providers either via Intermountain's custom web portal or to their own specified EMR/EHR via an interface provided by Intermountain.  Providers can also receive results on mobile devices.

Web Portal

Ordering tests has never been easier; it’s now possible through a standard web-browser.  This online tool puts provider's most commonly ordered tests and diagnosis codes at their finger tips for easy ordering.  It also prints bar-coded specimen container labels with their specific order information embedded, reducing ordering and billing errors that might otherwise cause delays for your members.  When the test results are completed, Intermountain transmits them directly to participating providers' pre-established web portal or their EMR/EHR.

EMR/EHR Orders and Results Interfaces

In addition to receiving the standard laboratory results (General Lab, Anatomic Pathology, and Microbiology) through Intermountain’s interface to disparite EMR/EHR systems, participating providers may also choose to receive the following text-based reports from Intermountain facilities:

  • Radiology Reports
  • Cardiology Reports
  • Endoscopy Reports
  • Perinatology Reports
  • Admission Note
  • Consultation Report
  • Delivery Procedure Report
  • Discharge Summary
  • Emergency Department Report
  • Endoscopy Procedure Report
  • History and Physical Report
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Report
  • Operative Report
  • Outpatient Clinic Report
  • Outpatient Diabetic Clinic Report
  • Physical Therapy – General Report
  • Physical Therapy Report
  • Procedure Report
  • Progress Note
  • Pulmonary Function Study Report
  • Speech Therapy Report
  • Transfer Summary
  • Ultrasound Report
  • Vascular Study Report
  • Wound Care Report ​
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