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Why Choose Intermountain Laboratory Services?

Ordering tests at Intermountain Laboratory Services has never been easier; it’s now possible through a standard web-browser.  This online ordering tool displays your most commonly ordered tests for easy test selection and prints bar-coded specimen container labels with your specific order information embedded, reducing ordering and billing errors that might otherwise cause delays for you and your patients.  You can view your patient’s lab results online as part of Intermountain’s unique longitudinal medical record or have them auto-printed at time points of your choosing.  You can also order tests natively from from your own electronic medical record (EMR) system and receive the lab results back in your EMR system via an electronic interface.
Our couriers and laboratories operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Because we make more courier stops at locations like yours, specimens are processed as they arrive at our laboratories rather than wait for late-evening shifts to batch specimens like many national-chain laboratories do.  You receive the best possible turnaround time with more frequent and evenly dispersed reporting of results.  We operate a satellite-guided global positioning system to track, locate, and dispatch the closest courier to your location when you request a stat specimen pick-up.
Unlike many large laboratory conglomerates, our pathologist live and work right here in our community, and are readily available to you for frozen sections, technical consultations, and medical staff conferences.  Our pathologists have expertise in all aspects of anatomic pathology, with subspecialty expertise in cytopathology, dermatopathology, hematopathology, cardiac pathology, and renal pathology. They also have expertise in clinical pathology, with subspecialty expertise in transfusion medicine, chemical pathology, microbiology/infectious diseases, and informatics.  Our pathologists routinely correlate cytology and histology examinations.
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