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The Price Consolidated Dispatch Center, UTThe Price Consolidated Dispatch Center, UTThe Price Consolidated Dispatch Center, UT

Communications Centers are the backbone of any public safety system. Dispatchers provide one of the most critical components of EMS response: taking calls, getting units on the way, providing information and maintaining constant communication with these units to insure their safety.

Located in Southeastern Utah, the Price Consolidated Dispatch Center is a 9-1-1 PSAP providing communication services for 33 state and local agencies. The 14 member crew dispatches for the Utah Highway Patrol, County Sheriff and city police agencies as well as seven fire departments and two ambulance services. Their service area encompasses over 25,000 miles of paved roads in Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties, which is patrolled by Utah Highway Patrol and Federal agencies.

The Price Center is going through a transitional period with a new computer aided dispatch system eForce, which is records management system for local agencies and integrates with UHP Fat Pot. The Center has upgraded to the Sentinel Patriot 911 system, as well.

The Center is very proactive in their community offering public service and educational programs particularly for kids. The 9-1-1 Team along with “Mikey”, the 9-1-1 dinosaur, has developed “Kids Town” and takes it to County events and teaches 9-1-1 awareness classes at local schools and special events for community organizations.

Dispatchers are dedicated professionals who provide a critical service to our communities, including air ambulance services. We rely on their skills and knowledge to help keep our aircraft safe and our medical teams informed, thank you for a job well done!

Marjean Hansen, Center Manager
Johna Garner, Supervisor
Jennifer Stesanofs, Supervisor

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